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Our  History

Our Historical Timeline

Our Savior Lutheran Church of Twin Falls has existed for over 75 years, though it has not always been known by this name.



Under the direction of Rev. E. W. Kasten, the American Lutheran Church of Twin Falls was created. In its infancy, various places were used for many years for worship and social functions including the Adventist Church, a local mortuary, the Odd Fellows Hall, the Labor Union Hall, and the Orpheum Theatre.


It was not until the year 1950 that the church purchased the Baptist Church on 2nd Street and 4th Avenue N.



The congregation voted to officially change its name to Our Savior Lutheran Church of Twin Falls.


The congregation, with the help of Rev. Eugene Tjarks, decided to build a church at 1708 Heyburn Ave East. This joint effort was to build a sanctuary and necessary offices with Valley Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. This newfound relationship lasted for over 30 years as both congregations used the same facility.


A growth plan was presented to the congregation to become an independent ELCA church.


6.5 acres of land was purchased on Carriage Lane in Twin Falls for the construction of a new church.


Our Savior Lutheran Church of Twin

Falls finally found its own home on

Carriage Lane. Its current building is

completed, however the church has

future plans for 2 very large additions

to the church including a larger

sanctuary and more offices.

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